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Our Facilities

Housed within the Department of Geographic and Environmental Sciences in Lutz Hall, the Center for GIS maintains a full array of hardware and software resources to support collaborative GIS-based teaching, research, and engagement in the UofL community. 

The Audwin and Rae Helton Center for Geographic Information Sciences Laboratory

As our flagship space for geospatial education, the Audwin and Rae Helton Center for Geographic Information Sciences Laboratory is a hub of activity for students who are just beginning their explorations of GIS, to graduate students conducting sophisticated research and developing innovative applications to address the big questions facing our society.

THe Helton Center for GIS Laboratory in Lutz Hall at the University of LouisvilleThe Helton Lab, located in Lutz Hall room 224, was established in 2011, thanks to a generous gift from Audwin Helton and Rae Helton, Spatial Data Integrations (SDI) in Louisville, KY.  Founded by the Heltons in 1994, SDI is a full service geospatial firm offering a wide variety of geospatial solutions to client and partner organizations, including the Department of Defense, and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA). SDI’s services include imagery analysis, data conversion and collection, database management, and feature extraction, and much more. 

The Heltons have been tireless advocates of Geographic Information Systems technology in the community, and their devotion to the advancement of GIS in Louisville and beyond has resulted in an increased awareness of the application of GIS technology to solve real world issues. The ULCGIS is grateful to the Helton’s continued commitment to, and partnership with our growing geospatial community. 

ULCGIS Research Equipment

In addition to the Helton Lab, the Center for GIS maintains a full range of equipment for collecting, analyzing and managing geospatial information. This equipment is available to partners within the University of Louisville community to support projects large or small. Please contact us for more information on equipment and software access. 

Helton Lab: Dell Inspiron 7777. Intel Core i7/16GB RAM (23)
Dell Poweredge R210 Server with 6TB SCSI RAID storage
Dell Poweredge R530 Server with 12 TB RAID storage

Trimble GeoXT mapping grade GNSS data collector
Trimble R1 submeter Bluetooth GNSS receiver
Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor submeter Bluetooth GNSS receiver
Trimble TDC100 Android Data Collectors (5)

DJI Mavic 2 Pro multirotor UAS
DJI Mavic Pro multirotor UAS
Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Sensor
DJI Goggles FPV headset
3DR X8+ multirotor UAS (2)
3DR Aero fixed wing UAS
DJI Tello micro-UAS (5)

Canon IPF9100 60” plotter
HP Designjet 5500 42” plotter